Insight - Research Investment - The world’s factory in COVID-19

The Chinese economy has faced dramatic challenges over the past two years. The US/China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have delivered short-term shocks and left lingering long-term questions...

Iggo's insight - Word Up

Risk-free yields and curves are range-bound and will remain so as central banks strengthen their resolve to encourage a rise in inflation.

Insight - COVID-19 update: US policy response

The effectiveness and impact of the US policy response.

Iggo's insight - Specific and Limited Bearishness

Politics in the US and the UK are contributing to market moves. Uncertainty over US election outcomes is growing, and the stock market seems to be going through a pattern that has been seen in...

Tomorrow Augmented Infographic 10 ways the longevity economy is changing the way we live now

See some of the ways we are part of the longevity economy - from working out to booking a doctor's appointment

Digital Economy - What investors need to know about the digital economy

Learn more about the 4 Ds driving growth in the digital economy: Discovery, Decisions, Delivery, and Data & Enablers.

Responsible Investment - Biodiversity crisis: Why agriculture threatens biodiversity, and how responsible investors can respond

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in protecting our health. It is only by understanding and respecting its limits that we will maintain the ecosystems that ensure our survival.

RI - Strategic Asset Allocation for a +1.5°C World: a proposed framework

Climate change is material risk - Global warming poses long-term physical risks as the climate changes, as well as nearer term risks as the energy sector shifts from fossil fuels to low-carbon...

Research - Preserving “Made in China” in deglobalisation

Locking in supply chains requires continued reforms and opening up

Iggo's insight - Welcome to Fall

The equity market correction, led by the FAANGS, ahead of the US Labor Day holiday may or may not turn out to be sustained. There are plenty of commentators arguing, and hoping, that it will be on...

Iggo's Insight - Living in a box

The US yield curve has rarely been inverted when the Fed funds rate has been this low. In fact, it has rarely been inverted when the Fed funds has been below 4%.

Iggo's insight - Word Up

The US Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, has stated that the central bank will tolerate higher future inflation and lower unemployment to a much greater extent than it has done in the past...

Tomorrow Augmented The Airport of the Future Will Have No Check-In or Security Lines

The pandemic pause in travel may actually fix flying for the long term, according to experts

Iggo's Insight - The Big H

We are consistently seeing technological progress towards the goal of de-carbonising our economies. Alternative energy is becoming cheaper and more and more activities have the opportunity to shift...

Tomorrow Augmented Social climbing: ESG investors get their heads around social risks

Thanks to COVID-19, ESG factors - and the social element in particular - are in the limelight

Insight - Macro Research - US presidential election preview: You’re fired?

Outlook for the 2020 vote, and the potential economic and market consequences

Tomorrow Augmented COVID-19: Stewardship and the pandemic

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted stewardship and how we might invest?

Insight - Rosenberg Equities The language of a crisis

Alongside rigorous financial statement analysis, the detailed evaluation of text data has become an important part of Rosenberg Equities’ research and investment process.

Macro Insights Research - COVID-19 update: A disinflationary shock - Part 1

Sifting through the inflation debate: Price dispersal, complexities and a system-wide approach

Macro Insights Research - COVID-19 update: A disinflationary shock - Part 2

Longer-term inflation drivers: Government debt financing and institutional change