RI - What does Responsible Investment mean in practice?

Responsible investing refers to strategies and practices that incorporate ESG factors in investment decisions and active ownership.

Iggo's insight - Kick-off

Central bankers think inflation has undershot medium term targets in recent years.

Research - Tourism: How Asia and other emerging markets could bounce back

The pandemic has given many countries a long path to recovery

Research - Bank of Japan: Assessing the outcome of its strategic review

The Bank of Japan kept the status quo at its March monetary policy meeting but the market’s attention was on its policy review

Research - The inflation outlook: What’s changed?

US stimulus makes a sustainable, gradual inflation rise more likely

Research - China: Financing the Green transformation

How green bonds can drive Beijing’s sustainability ambition

Research - Escaping COVID-19: Will vaccines be sufficient?

An assessment of how vaccines improve the outlook for activity

May Global Macro Monthly - The limitation of vaccinations

Economies continue to be governed by the virus.

Research - China: Decarbonizing the economy

Gauging the economic impact of China’s transition to ‘net zero’

Research - March Global Macro Monthly - The great rate debate

Growth rebounds remain virus and vaccine dependent. The outlook is solid in US and good in the UK

Research - Europe’s path to net zero

Deciphering Europe’s ambitions, actions and ability to reach net zero

Iggo's insight - A view from the markets – Sunny with distant clouds

The world remains almost perfect for equities. Growth is strong and earnings are rising.

Iggo's insight - A token price

Part of the crypto finance infrastructure went public this week by issuing traditional equity on a traditional exchange to raise traditional dollars.

Iggo's Insight - Super greed

Unbridled capitalism has its limits. This has been confirmed by football (soccer). Customers (fans) have been deprived of fully enjoying the product for the last year and the suggestion that it...

Iggo's insight - Spring unleashed

The vaccination roll-out appears to be providing some breathing space for markets and society as a whole in countries that have been able to achieve a fairly high level of coverage.

Chris Iggo - Pricing ESG risk (or not)

Risks associated with the environmental, social and governance profile of a business are not quantified in a standardised way across the investment industry.

Iggo's insight - Fuel from the bin

As time goes by, it becomes clearer what needs to be done to accelerate the shift to a zero carbon economy.

Iggo's insight - Getting curvy

Inflation is a key focus for investors, meaning uncertainty over what happens to interest rates.

Iggo's insight - A new commodity boom

Commodity prices are booming. This is consistent with strong growth, equity outperformance and rising long-term yields.

Research - Central bank digital currencies, reserve currencies and geopolitics

When it comes to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the focus of market participants and regulators – especially in the banking industry - is mainly associated with their disruptive nature.