Investing in 2022: Four key market drivers

We look at some of the key issues investors will need to navigate over the coming 12 months.

Sustainability-Linked Bonds: Our framework for Assessment

AXA IM is committed to the idea that investors will be better positioned if they acknowledge and address climate change and sustainability in their portfolios.

The real world

Markets are down and there is the threat of war in Eastern Europe.

Pensions Investment Outlook: Challenges and Opportunities

There are several uncertainties that are important for pension funds, including interest rates and whether the global economy is strong enough to cope with further potential COVID-19 related...

Where curves cross

Inflation and the most recent COVID wave might be near to their peaks.

Beware the sirens’ call

The decision to put cash into markets this year depends on when investors think the interest rate cycle is properly priced.

More Jabs needed

Inflation and Omicron pose major concerns for investors and policy makers as 2021 draws to a close.

Ouch and happy holidays

The central banks are coming.

Playing with fire: Measuring emissions from the world’s oil and gas fields

An assessment of greenhouse gas intensity and practices around venting and flaring at oil and gas producers should be a central part of any climate engagement for an active responsible investor.

Follow the curves

This week the UK government announced measures that tip the country slightly back in the direction of lockdown in response to the threat posed by high existing levels of COVID-19 infections

Mind the gap

The gap between realised inflation and the contemporaneous level of bond yields has never been higher

Six and out?

Inflation dominates the investment backdrop but we have been reminded this week that COVID can still play a role in how the macro outlook unfolds.

Everything’s going green

The world is probably not on track yet to preventing global temperatures rising by more than 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels.

Tapering, profit and equity prices

Is a market correction unavoidable when the Fed starts tapering?

Lost control?

Rate expectations shot up in October. We may get a small rate rise in the UK this week.

Are Europe’s oil and gas majors prepared for the climate change challenge?

Climate change and its effects have become a defining theme of our time.

A climate change conundrum: Is there a sweet spot for natural gas in the energy transition?

When burned, natural gas derived from methane emits far less CO₂ than coal. However, if released directly into the atmosphere, it has a far higher warming potential

China: Riding the green wave

How AXA IM invests in the world’s second-largest green bond market

Bonds back better?

If economists are right, 2022 will be the second year of well above trend nominal GDP growth.