Iggo's insight - New Romantics

Growth is expected to surge in the months ahead. Nominal GDP will be stronger than seen for years.

Research - UK Budget: Next steps, not complete vision

David Page, Head of Macro Research, comments on the UK Budget and outlook for medium-term public finances.

Research - February Monthly Op-Ed - Dealing with overheating concerns (already)

The Biden plan could close the US output gap by the end of 2021.

Iggo's insight - Risk, return, repeat

Fiscal dominance is a reality and markets are reacting to that. It doesn’t necessarily mean inflation, it doesn’t necessarily mean crowding out private borrowers.

Evolving Economy - Quick Take with Mark Hargraves on the evolving economy

The Evolving Economy Quick Take with Mark Hargraves on the evolving economy ...

Tomorrow Augmented The changing climate for sustainable investment

This Decade of Transition series looks at how environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment will play a fundamental role in achieving a more sustainable future

Full-year 2020 earnings

AXA IM has recorded an excellent performance in 2020, in what has truly been an exceptional and challenging year for the industry, businesses and individuals. Our diversified and global approach...

Iggo's insight - Phase over?

Policy support and post-COVID growth expectations have been the key drivers of equity market performance for months.

Evolving Economy - Thematic equities in focus

In many ways 2020 was an “extra”-ordinary year. People all around the world were forced into lockdowns, many businesses had to cease operations or were severely disrupted, whereas other parts of...

Evolving Economy - What investors need to know about the evolving economy

The five themes driving growth within the Evolving Economy

Research - The emerging market COVID-19 debt surge – no crisis on the horizon, yet

As with advanced economies, the pandemic has led to a massive increase in public spending in emerging markets

Research - December Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Covid 19: It’s behind you… Oh no it isn’t

Research & Investment Strategy December Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Covid 19: It’s...

Research - Global Factor Views

Near-term vaccine euphoria: Vaccine announcements by a number of drug companies in November led to a classic relief rally, with a rotation away from stocks with high earnings quality (which had led...

RI - COVID-19: Data privacy risks and potential opportunities

The pandemic has presented an opportunity to rethink the dynamics of data privacy risks and opportunities for technology companies

RI - Impact investing: How private and listed markets offer choice for investors seeking positive change

There is demand for ESG to go beyond basic integration, towards positive impact

RI - Green bonds market expected to top the $1trn mark in 2021

Despite the year’s myriad of challenges, 2020 represented a huge step forward for the green bond market.

Iggo's insight - GME Theory

Retail money is having more of an influence on stock market trading these days, because there is so much of it.

AXA IM further embeds ESG capabilities across its business

Building on its maturity as a longstanding responsible investor, AXA IM further embedded Responsible Investment (RI) capabilities within its two business units, AXA IM Alts and AXA IM Core, in...

Iggo's insight - Old favourites

Some old favourite themes have been in focus this week as we took a breather from events in Washington.