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A flexible exposure to European equity & fixed income markets:

The AXA World Funds Framlington Optimal Income fund provides investors with a prudent exposure to European equity markets, aiming to capture part the equity upside while mitigating market draw-downs. 


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Key Fund Features

  • Flexible and proactive management: With no benchmark or strategic constraints, the Fund is characterised by its flexible asset allocation between European equities and fixed income securities. Equity exposure can vary from 25% to 75%, depending on market conditions. Various derivative strategies complement this asset allocation, allowing the fund to tactically adjust market exposure.
  • A solid, high quality portfolio: The portfolio managers employ a fundamental bottom-up approach that relies on the strong knowledge and understanding of companies to select high quality European stocks including high dividend stocks with some growth potential and corporate bonds from robust issuers.
  • Tactically reducing the portfolio's volatility: A minimum of 25% of the portfolio is defensively positioned in fixed income securities from robust issuers (corporate bonds) and money markets in order to contain overall portfolio volatility and enhance the portfolio's risk/return profile.
  • A proven track record, extensive investment expertise : The fund is well established and has a proven 9 years track record. It is managed by a small, flexible and experienced team with direct access to deep internal expertise on all asset classes. 



Main Risks

  • Risk of invested capital loss
  • Market risk
  • Equity risk
  • Investors are advised to refer to the current prospectus for a detailed description of risk considerations


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