AXA WF Global Optimal Income

ISIN LU0465917473

Last NAV 149.2500 EUR as of 13/08/19

Why this fund

AXA WF Global Optimal Income aims to capture global growth while managing the unknowns, with conviction led-stock-picking.

Finding steady growth in today’s market remains challenging for investors everywhere. Designed to provide exposure to global equity markets while managing their ups and downs, AXA WF Global Optimal Income aims to provide total returns through flexible multi-asset approach.

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  1. Aims to provide steady long-term capital growth by capturing the upside of rising equity markets, while managing some of the drawdowns in declining markets.
  2. Diversified multi-asset exposure through dynamic asset allocation. We have full flexibility on risk assets (0-100% allocation to equities*) to capture investment opportunities and manage risks as and when they arise.
  3. Quality-driven selection and performance. Our combination of top-down asset class experts and bottom-up selectivity aims to gives investors long-term growth.

Key figures

  • 0-100%

    equity allocation*

  • 1st decile

    since launch**

  • 22

    multi-asset investment specialists***

*Percentage of portfolio’s net assets for illustrative purposes only. For more details refer to the appropriate KIID or Prospectus.

**Morningstar ranking indicates that AXA WF Global Optimal Income is in the 1st decile across 1yr, 3yr and since-launch within the EAA OE EUR Flexible Allocation – Global category.© Morningstar as at 08/03/2018. The information, data, analyses and opinions contained herein (1) include the propriety information of Morningstar; (2) may not be copied or redistributed; (3) do not constitute investment advice; (4) are provided solely for informational purposes; (5) are not warranted to be complete, accurate or timely; and (6) may be drawn from fund data published on various dates.

*** Source: AXA IM, as at December 2017. Information about the staff at AXA Investment Managers and / or AXA Investment Managers is only informative. We do not guarantee the fact that staff remain employed by AXA Investment Manager


Discover how portfolio manager Serge Pizem has used the strategy’s flexible equity allocation since 2013, to capitalise on growth opportunities and manage risks as they arise.

Risk factors

The Fund invests in financial markets and uses techniques and instruments which are subject to some levels of variation, which may result in gains or losses. The Fund may be exposed to specific risks including, but not limited to, credit risk and geopolitical risks. Investors are advised to refer to the current prospectus and consider the risk discussion under ‘Risk Factors’ before investing in the Fund.


Investment objectives

The Sub-Fund seeks to achieve a mix of stable income and capital growth measured in Euro by investing in a mix of equities and fixed income securities issued by governments and companies primarily domiciled or listed in OECD countries, over a long term period.


Synthetic Risk & Reward Information scale

1 2 3 4 SRRI Value 5 6 7

Additional risks

Credit Risk: Risk that issuers of debt securities held in the Sub-Fund may default on their obligations or have their credit rating downgraded, resulting in a decrease in the Net Asset Value. Counterparty Risk: Risk of bankruptcy, insolvency, or payment or delivery failure of any of the Sub-Fund's counterparties, leading to a payment or delivery default. Impact of any techniques such as derivatives: Certain management strategies involve specific risks, such as liquidity risk, credit risk, counterparty risk, legal risk, valuation risk, operational risk and risks related to the underlying assets. The use of such strategies may also involve leverage, which may increase the effect of market movements on the Sub-Fund and may result in significant risk of losses. Geopolitical Risk: investments in securities issued or listed in different countries may imply the application of different standards and regulations. Investments may be affected by movements of foreign exchange rates, changes in laws or restrictions applicable to such investments, changes in exchange control regulations or price volatility. Risk linked to investments in hedge funds: a limited part of the assets of the concerned Sub-Fund (maximum 10%) is exposed to funds pursuing alternative strategies. Investments in alternative funds imply certain specific risks linked, for example, to the valuation of the assets of such funds and to their poor liquidity.

Investment horizon

This Sub-Fund may not be suitable for investors who plan to withdraw their contribution within 6 years.


Performance chart


Since launch

Start date

End date

Past performance is not a reliable indicator as to future performance.
Performance calculations are net of management fees. Performance are shown as annual performance ( 365 days). In the case where the currency of the investor is different from the Fund’s reference currency the gains are capable of varying considerably due to the fluctuations of the exchange rate.


Performance indicator Start date End date
- - -

Performance table

End date

Performance table Net performance Performance indicator  Start date End date
- - - - -
1M - - - -
3M - - - -
6M - - - -
YTD - - - -
1Y - - - -
3Y - - - -
5Y - - - -
10Y - - - -
Since launch - - - -
1y - - - -
3y - - - -
5y - - - -
10y - - - -
Since launch - - - -
Y-1 - - - -
Y-3 - - - -
Y-5 - - - -

Risk table

End date

Risk table Fund volatility Benchmark volatility Tracking error Information ratio Sharpe ratio Beta Alpha
1M - - - - - - -
QTD - - - - - - -
3M - - - - - - -
6M - - - - - - -
YTD - - - - - - -
1Y - - - - - - -
3Y - - - - - - -
5Y - - - - - - -
8Y - - - - - - -
10Y - - - - - - -
Since launch - - - - - - -

Price table

Start date

End date

Price Date Portfolio AUM
- - -


Distribution country

Distribution countries
United Kingdom


Ongoing Charges 0.85%
Management fees 0.60%

Fund facts

Currency EUR
Start date 15/02/13
Asset class MULTI-ASSETS
Expertise Total Return & Allocation
Range AXA World Funds
Legal country Luxembourg
Custodian State Street Bank Luxembourg S.C.A
Depositary State Street Bank Luxembourg S.C.A
Legal asset manager AXA Funds Management SA (Luxembourg)

Portfolio management

Fund Manager Serge PIZEM
Co-manager Laurent RAMSAMY
Investment team MT Absolute & Total Return


Investment area Global
Legal form SICAV