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Welcome to the dedicated website for Luxembourg investors

AXA IM offer a range of investment strategies aiming to suit your clients' needs, including Fixed Income, Framlington Equities, Rosenberg Equities, Multi Asset Client Solutions, Structured Finance and Real Estate.

By combining investment insight and innovation with robust risk management, we have become one of the largest asset managers in Europe* - with ambitions to become the chosen investment partner of investors around the world.

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*Source IPE 'Top 400 Asset Managers' 2015


23/04/13 - Spain's fiscal sustainability (Part 1): an era of weak growth

This first part, focussing on real GDP growth, discusses the different components of growth from an accounting perspective.

18/04/13 - Japan (Yen) vs Emerging Asia (part 2)

In part two of our research endeavour on the topic, we delve into the impact of BoJ's monetary policy expansion on various types of financial flows to Emerging Asian economies. 

15/04/13 - A foreign exchange crisis looms in Egypt

Under our baseline scenario, the crisis will be avoided and Egypt will receive an IMF loan once the necessary structural reforms and fiscal consolidation are agreed after the elections.
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