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The impact of war in Ukraine should power the push for net zero

How can we sustain a post-COVID-19 recovery while addressing the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Carbon Capture and Storage: Hiding dirt under the rug or a real clean up?

The economic equation of CCS is improving but remains challenging. Putting a price on carbon is a necessity for CCS to really take off.

EU Taxonomy: Six key questions on the new flagship climate rules

What is it, and why is it needed?

How an ESG focus impacted fixed income returns in 2021

Our analysis of bond performance in 2021 suggests that ESG screening may potentially be able to help provide a buffer for fixed income portfolios.

Top ESG equities show their resilience in 2021

We continue to believe that rigorous ESG investment analysis has the potential to not only help deliver a more sustainable future – for both the planet and the global economy – but also ...

How the ESG data dilemma rewards active and engaged investors

In responsible investment thoughtful and analytical management is still required to make sense of sometimes uneven inputs and difficult comparisons.

Sustainability-Linked Bonds: Our framework for Assessment

AXA IM is committed to the idea that investors will be better positioned if they acknowledge and address climate change and sustainability in their portfolios.

Playing with fire: Measuring emissions from the world’s oil and gas fields

An assessment of greenhouse gas intensity and practices around venting and flaring at oil and gas producers should be a central part of any climate engagement for an active responsible investor.

A climate change conundrum: Is there a sweet spot for natural gas in the energy transition?

When burned, natural gas derived from methane emits far less CO₂ than coal. However, if released directly into the atmosphere, it has a far higher warming potential