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Multi Asset Client Solutions provide solutions that address our clients' constraints and needs

Multi Asset Client Solutions (MACS) includes over 103* professionals dedicated to assembling our research and investment capabilities with the aim to engineer, manufacture and manage superior investment solutions for our clients.

We provide clients with investment solutions aiming to address all investment needs and constraints by combining a wide range of asset classes with state-of-the-art investment management techniques. The proposed investment solutions can be provided in product, segregated mandate and bespoke service formats for clients ranging from private individuals to large institutions.

*Source AXA Investment Managers as at 31/06/2017

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Julien Fourtou, Global Head of MACS and TSF

"Our passion is to provide solutions that address our clients' problems and needs.
Whether readily ‘off-the shelf' or fully bespoke, we aim to offer clients an array of pragmatic tools for an increasingly complex and challenging investing environment. Our aim  is to work in partnership with clients in order to understand their individual objectives and constraints and thereby construct solutions that meet their investment and service requirements.