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Primary research is core to our culture

Macro-economic trends and financial markets are the raw material of our business. Our Research & Investment Strategy (R&IS) team carries out extensive research to generate forward-thinking analyses for our clients. It also enables us improve the performance of portfolio managers and develop insight-driven solutions.



22/06/17 - When financial markets fail to follow political optimism

Uncertain US policy and persistently subdued inflation weigh on interest rates outlook – wrongly?

15/06/17 - Italy: political headache, structural issues

Recent political developments should bring neither stability nor solutions to the country’s macroeconomic issues

14/06/17 - China’s A-shares bid for MSCI inclusion

Fourth time the charm?

09/06/17 - UK general election 2017

Strong & stable gives way to weak & wobbly

07/06/17 - Credit market monthly review: May 2017

Credit remains strong and stable through the political noise

02/06/17 - China bond market: dawn of a new era

We believe China’s accelerated financial integration could have as profound an impact on the global financial market as its economic integration had on the real economy in the past.

31/05/17 - The euro, the dollar and the great central bank unwind

We are neutral EURUSD and report in this note the underlying forces leading us to this conclusion, by analyzing the impact of the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) and the European Central Bank’s (ECB)...

30/05/17 - European Central Bank: moving towards cautious monetary tightening

The ECB looks to progressively phase out quantitative easing

24/05/17 - UK general election 2017

Surprise announcement, but not outcome?

18/05/17 - Investment Strategy - The return of central banks

In this Monthly Investment Strategy, we take a deep dive into the uncharted territory of quantitative tightening, soon to materialise in the US, and the reduction of quantitative easing expected to...
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