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Macro-economic trends and financial markets are the raw material of our business. Our Research & Investment Strategy (R&IS) team carries out extensive research to generate forward-thinking analyses for our clients. It also enables us improve the performance of portfolio managers and develop insight-driven solutions.



24/05/17 - UK general election 2017

Surprise announcement, but not outcome?

18/05/17 - Investment Strategy - The return of central banks

In this Monthly Investment Strategy, we take a deep dive into the uncharted territory of quantitative tightening, soon to materialise in the US, and the reduction of quantitative easing expected to...

12/05/17 - The impact of quantitative tightening on yields

Ombretta Signori and David Page focus on the market reaction to the initial announcement of a change in balance sheet policy and how it will impact markets in the first two years of implementation.

11/05/17 - US quantitative tightening

The next stage of the US monetary experiment

09/05/17 - Credit market monthly review April 2017

Don't sell in May; don't go away.

05/05/17 - French politics: Market tail risk and economic policy uncertainty

With the first round’s results coming in line with polls, the French Presidential run-off (7 May) has been downgraded to a tail risk for markets, which should continue to focus on US policy and ECB...

03/05/17 - Egypt: a fragile transition with limited upside

The return to relative social stability and the IMF loan should provide a significant anchor for fiscal and monetary policies. Economic growth should however remain limited, in the short run with...

26/04/17 - Brazil: recovering in slow motion

The improving macroeconomic backdrop and continued rise of the middle class as well as high private health spending, make Brazil a potentially attractive investment destination. But given the...

21/04/17 - Endless uncertainty in Turkey

Political uncertainty to rise even after the 16 April referendum

20/04/17 - Consider this - “Price impact of bond supply shocks: evidence from the Eurosystem’s asset purchase program”

This note summarises a working paper published in March 2017 by Banque de France’s William Arrata and Benoît Nguyen.
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