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Macro-economic trends and financial markets are the raw material of our business. Our Research & Investment Strategy (R&IS) team carries out extensive research to generate forward-thinking analyses for our clients. It also enables us improve the performance of portfolio managers and develop insight-driven solutions.



21/09/11 - Brazil: the central bank makes a risky bet

Annual real GDP growth eased to 3.1%yoy (0.8%qoq) in 2Q11 from 4.1% in 1Q11 (1.2%qoq) on weaker domestic demand.

20/09/11 - Economic impact of natural catastrophes in a globalised economy

Depending on their nature, natural catastrophes may have two different types of economic impact

15/09/11 - Germany and France: Convergence or Divergence?

GDP per capita in euros: full convergence but GDP per employee in euros: divergence: FR > GE

14/09/11 - Euro inflation-linked bonds in a diversified portfolio

Volatilities and correlations are unstable over time.

12/09/11 - Global decoupling Risk of double dip rising

On both shores of the Atlantic, growth has decelerated toward stagnation. The risk of a Western world double dip we warned about last month has become more tangible.

07/09/11 - Breathless

After a deadly summer, few of the hopes for a global kick-start formulated two months ago remain intact.

31/08/11 - European Credit: estimating the impact of the sovereign crisis

We have already used a PCA (Principal Components Analysis) in the past for a broad universe of European credit single-names to determine the principal risk axis driving European credit markets.

24/08/11 - Medium-term policy in the UK

The current mix of monetary and fiscal policy in the UK is unprecedented.

17/08/11 - Local debt in China—a surmountable problem

While the public debt dynamic in Europe and the United States raises a number of questions, China also finds itself confronted with an adverse deviation in its local government financing picture.

05/08/11 - Investment Acumen X (Summer 2011)

It is commonly said that bringing "parts" - businesses, skills, people - together is worth it if the ensuing whole is greater than the sum of these parts. But good acumen tells us that it is all...
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