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17/08/11 - Local debt in China—a surmountable problem

While the public debt dynamic in Europe and the United States raises a number of questions, China also finds itself confronted with an adverse deviation in its local government financing picture.

05/08/11 - Investment Acumen X (Summer 2011)

It is commonly said that bringing "parts" - businesses, skills, people - together is worth it if the ensuing whole is greater than the sum of these parts. But good acumen tells us that it is all...

03/08/11 - Global decoupling

On both shores of the Atlantic, growth is decelerating toward stall speed. The risk of double dip we warned about last month has become a probability.

27/07/11 - Coping with a summer debt storm

In a seminal paper2 featuring crunched data from 12 industrialised countries over 140 years, Moritz Schularick of the Free University of Berlin and Alan M.

13/07/11 - When things go wrong, look into the abyss … and beyond

Global trade contracted in April and cyclical indicators were still negative at the end of June. The soft patch has started to hit labor markets, in the US in particular.

07/06/11 - Warning: US and EU slowing in sync

Global trade and GDP surged in 1Q. Since then, both US and €-area Surprise Gaps have fallen in ‘risk of recession zone', beyond what could be imputable to the Japanese earthquake. Coming from...

14/04/11 - A dangerous turn

The global economy is approaching a dangerous bend.

01/04/11 - New risks: Oil and ripple effects of Tohoku earthquake

Leading indicators from China, US and Europe have confirmed that global GDP growth was strong in 1Q. The Tohoku earthquake makes 2Q more uncertain. Yet, global growth is likely to exceed 4% this year.

11/03/11 - New risk on the radar: Politics and oil

Leading indicators from China, US and Europe have confirmed that global growth has accelerated smartly in 1Q 2011. Barring an large oil price spike, global GDP growth may reach 4.5% again this year.

10/03/11 - Oil on the boil

After much fanfare at the beginning of the year, equity market appreciation ground to a halt in late February.
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