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Primary research is core to our culture

Macro-economic trends and financial markets are the raw material of our business. Our Research & Investment Strategy (R&IS) team carries out extensive research to generate forward-thinking analyses for our clients. It also enables us improve the performance of portfolio managers and develop insight-driven solutions.



30/09/08 - Investment Acumen V (Autumn 2008)

Every crisis has a silver lining. And if the current downturn contributes to accelerating the pace of financial innovation whilst bringing the importance of efficient regulation and risk management...

30/04/08 - Investment Acumen IV (Spring 2008)

One of the key features of crises, be they political, social, economic, or financial, is that before any stabilization can prevail they bring out the worst in participating stakeholders. They also...

02/01/08 - Investment Acumen III (Winter 2007/2008)

Powerful forces are at play such as the fundamental changes in investor needs and constraints, their approach to evaluating their asset managers' performance, higher regulatory and compliance...

30/09/07 - Investment Acumen II (Autumn 2007)

We provide an overview of some of the areas where we have developed new ideas and sources of value. You will find some of our product insights and modelling capabilities from the articles on the...

31/03/07 - Investment Acumen I (Spring 2007)

In the first issue of Investment Acumen, you will find research and analyses carried out by our experts on various investment strategies and on the key trends and challenges faced by the asset...
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"One of the key roles of our research capability is to turn facts & figures into robust, high-quality analyses, which our investment professionals can rely upon, day in and day out."

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