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Identity fraud alert on AXA Real Estate and AXA Investment Managers

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AXA IM Results 2014

Mars 2015

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AXA Investment Managers in Luxembourg
Multi-expert in asset management

Welcome to the dedicated website for Luxembourg investors

AXA Investment Managers is a "multi-expert" investment management company in Luxembourg, and we offer a broad range of high quality funds which invest in a variety of different sectors. Our goal is to be the investment management company of choice for our clients, who range from retail clients, institutional investors and consultants, and professional advisers.

We have specialist asset management teams for each product range. Visit our Fund Centre for more information about our range of products. Fund documents are available in French and/or English.

26/03/15 - Fading credit liquidity

We present measures and indicators of credit market liquidity and examine what they are telling us in terms of the current regime in credit markets.

17/03/15 - Iran on the verge

Where an agreement is signed, Iran’s real GDP growth would accelerate to 1.5% in 2015 and 2.5% in 2016 from -2.5% in 2014. If no agreement is reached, the economy will remain in recession in 2015-16.

16/03/15 - AXA IM launches Short Maturity CLO Opportunity Fund

The fund manager aims to offer investors a net total return of 4 to 6% by investing in the vintage US CLO mezzanine universe (CLO 1.0s) whilst maintaining an investment grade average rating.