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Banner symposium 2015

Identity fraud alert on AXA Real Estate and AXA Investment Managers

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AXA Investment Managers in Luxembourg
Multi-expert in asset management

Welcome to the dedicated website for Luxembourg investors

AXA Investment Managers is a "multi-expert" investment management company in Luxembourg, and we offer a broad range of high quality funds which invest in a variety of different sectors. Our goal is to be the investment management company of choice for our clients, who range from retail clients, institutional investors and consultants, and professional advisers.

We have specialist asset management teams for each product range. Visit our Fund Centre for more information about our range of products. Fund documents are available in French and/or English.

06/07/15 - Greek referendum: clean result, new round of negotiations

The No vote, rejecting the conditions proposed by lenders for a Greek bailout, has won by a large margin (a 61% majority) and will not be contested.

02/07/15 - FT Future of Insurance Conference

Eric Chaney's presentation at the Financial Times ‘Future of Insurance’ Conference

01/07/15 - Fed to consider type and extent of tightening

In this second note, we look at how far rates may rise.