Acting responsibly for what matters to our people, our clients and the world we live in

Our purpose, to act for human progress by investing for what matters, is central to every action we take as a business. As a responsible investor, business and employer, we actively invest for the long-term so that our clients, our people and our communities can move forward. The combination of responsible, active and long-term defines our investment philosophy, but also how we run our business, what underpins our clients’ partnerships with us, and what drives our people.

Markets are in a constant state of change. Yields are low, inflation is returning and regulatory complexity continues to expand. At the same time technology is rapidly advancing and people are living longer than ever before, shifting global demographics significantly. This environment has fostered a greater focus on corporate transparency and responsibility, and ultimately is changing how we work, invest and measure risk.

Taking an active, long-term approach, AXA Investment Managers works with its clients today to provide the solutions they need to help secure a better tomorrow for their investments, while creating a positive change for the world in which we all live.


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We are a responsible investor

Our ambition is to be the world’s leading responsible investor. We have already seen signs that the global economy is starting to move to a more sustainable and equitable model over the next decade, and we will take an active role in powering that transition.

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We are a responsible business

As a committed active investor we are led by our conviction. With fundamental research at the core of our process, our global team seek out and develop the most efficient and robust sources of performance across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, and alternative strategies. We know that with conviction, we advance and best serve the interests of our clients.

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We are a responsible employer

Being responsible is in our DNA as a firm and is central to our ethos as an employer. It is embedded in how we grow and protect our people. It unites our team, from our leaders, to our growing number of specialists, to the newest members of our teams.

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We are part of the AXA Group

Our heritage within AXA Group, a recognised innovator, has hard-wired our business for continual improvement. As our most demanding and challenging client, they help us to achieve excellence. Our relationship with our parent company also means protection and stability are part of our heritage.

  • €823bn

    assets under management

  • €563bn

    in ESG-integrated assets

  • 762

    investment professionals

  • 23

    investment centres

Source: AXA IM as of December 2021 (AXA IM Database) 

“At AXA IM, I am resolute in the need to be clear on what matters to us as a firm. We must redouble our focus on responsibility. As a major investor, we can stimulate disruption and advocate for positive change.  We have a significant role to play in tackling some of the world’s greatest issues and inequities. Our impact can be greater. We can act for human progress by investing for what matters.”