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As a global leader in alternatives investing, AXA IM Alts offers investment strategies and alternative funds across the whole spectrum, with pillars in: real estate equity, private debt & alternative credit and private equity & infrastructure.

Alternatives in numbers

€183 bn
of assets under management1
470 +
alternatives investment professionals1
16   offices
serving 600+ global clients1

Our approach

We have a highly selective investment approach driven by disciplined and fundamental research, allowing us to identify relative value and illiquidity premium for the benefit of our clients. Active risk monitoring is fully embedded in our investment process and we have strong sourcing capabilities thanks to our size, experience, and long-standing relationships with market participants.

We're Europe's leading alternatives platform

We're a leading alternatives platform and one of the largest worldwide with over 470 investment professionals in 16 offices worldwide.1

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30+ years experience

We have a successful track record spanning 30+ years and multiple market cycles. We have launched a series of innovative products to meet clients’ evolving needs, such as impact investing and alternative funds, and have extensive expertise in business development.

Three key pillars

Our alternatives capability is structured around three pillars of real estate equity, private debt & alternative credit, and private equity & infrastructure.

At AXA IM Alts, we’re able to offer our clients a truly long-term approach. We are convinced that long-term performance generation, which we have demonstrated over multiple market cycles, can only be achieved with a fundamental understanding and proximity to assets and a fully-embedded, ambitious ESG approach.

Isabelle Scemama

Global Head, Alts

Real Estate Equity

We manage more than €84 billion 1 on behalf of clients.

We take equity stakes in listed and unlisted real estate, generating rental income and capital appreciation.

Our scale and network give us unparalleled abilities to source and deploy capital. We provide regional and country-specific strategies for clients.

360° view

Our approach provides us with a thorough understanding of relative value in real asset markets. This unique approach is critical when navigating across the different phases of market cycles, providing clients with agility in their real assets allocation.

Integrated ESG approach

Our strategy aims to target high-quality assets with modern building specifications and high ESG ratings. Responsible investment priorities such as decarbonisation and climate resilience are integrated into all of our investment decisions.

#1 in Europe

We are the #1 real estate investment manager in Europe and #9 worldwide.2

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Private Debt & Alternative Credit

We manage more than €87 billion1 on behalf of clients.

Our focus on in-depth credit analysis and fundamental research enables us to originate opportunities across the non-traditional credit spectrum. We provide clients with opportunities for sourcing, diversification and spread pick-up.

An agile approach helps us quickly adapt to the risk and return needs of our clients. And our conviction-led approach to portfolio construction means our teams can offer tailored investment solutions for each type of asset class.

Global scale

A leader in private debt capital raising 3 we offer the access, insight and sourcing capabilities of a large-scale, long established and sophisticated player.


Relative value

Our thorough understanding of relative value builds on AXA IM’s 20-year track record across the capital stack and the full spectrum of liquid and illiquid strategies. Our agility and proactivity enable us to capture opportunities.

#1 in Europe

We are the #1 private debt capital raiser in Europe and #9 worldwide.3


Private Equity & Infrastructure

We manage more than €10 billion 1 on behalf of clients.

Society evolves constantly, adapting to new challenges and opportunities. By investing in diversified, essential infrastructure, we help to meet and shape the future needs of our communities.

Core infrastructure projects and services can have a positive impact on society and the environment. We aim to show conscientious investing doesn’t mean compromising on financial returns.

Innovators in private equity

Our private equity impact strategy aims to bring together private capital, entrepreneurial talent and technology to deliver solutions that advance social equality and ensure the environment can sustain us now and into the future.

Healthcare strategy

Our healthcare strategy is unique in the industry. It focuses on expanding access to healthcare by investing in areas with significant funding gaps.

As part of AXA IM Alts’ Impact investing arm, our healthcare strategy aims to deliver market rate financial returns benefitting people and communities.

#3 in the World

We are the #3 infrastructure private debt capital raiser in the world.4

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Risk warning

Investment in Alternatives involves risks including the loss of capital and some specific risks such as credit risk, liquidity risk, risks linked to method and model, counterparty risk, derivatives, volatility risk and geopolitical risk.

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