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Active fundamental foundation

We believe that an active approach grounded in rigorous fundamental research can consistently add value to our client's portfolios.



Framlington Equities

Unconstrained style

Long-term and conviction based, we aim to drive a high active share, low turnover approach, across a wide variety of investment styles including geographic and sector.

Framlington Equities Key Figures

Source AXA Investment Managers as at 30/06/2015


Rosenberg Equities

Systematic approach

Our investment process combines detailed fundamental analysis with disciplined, systematic implementation to deliver a range of investment solutions for varying risk and return profiles.



Rosenberg Equities key figures


Source: AXA Investment Managers as at 30/06/2015.
* Rosenberg Equities has fundamental data for, and is actively valuing, approximately 20,000 companies. This figure varies depending on the overall number of companies that are in existence and listed at any point in time.

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