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06 December 2019

Lebanon in the eye of the storm

Lebanon is experiencing its largest street protests since the end of the civil war. The country is struggling with economic stagnation, and its fractious and corrupted political system has failed to ...

06 December 2019

ESG and intangibles: Driving value creation across companies

Demonstrating the value of robustly integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investing is critical to the success and credibility of responsible investment.

06 December 2019

A view from the markets – UK set for stability

Politics will remain a key driver of market volatility in the coming year given a new UK government, the US election and potential political change in Germany. Yet beyond these events, the medium-ter ...

29 November 2019

A view from the markets – Taking the temperature

The consensus expectation is for flat line growth in the major economies. Investor expectation is that, short term, things get better.

29 November 2019

Latin America’s socio-economic turmoil follows the region’s structural decline

Latin America struggles. Since the end of the commodity fuelled economic boom six years ago, economic stagnation has settled in the region.

25 November 2019

Fragile 20-20 vision

An interim trade deal between the US and China should ease global trade winds. Combined with stimulus enacted over a range of economies, we expect a stabilisation and modest rebound in global activit ...

14 November 2019

UK faces Brexit-fuelled General Election – what happens next?

The General Election on 12 December will set the course for the UK’s exit – or not – from the European Union and the next phase of Brexit.

13 November 2019

Carbon reduction: Moving away from carbon footprint towards carbon footpath

As concerns surrounding climate change continue to intensify, equity investors increasingly need to understand how this could impact their investment portfolios. In addition to obvious financial conc ...

08 November 2019

A very British bounce?

There are potential opportunities in UK equities. However, these are dependent on the post-election and post-Brexit environment.

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