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Voting: Putting our beliefs into action

A transparent account of our voting record across the world, in line with our global footprint.

Active engagement: Initiatives 2017/18

We engage with companies individually and collectively. We believe collaborative activities with like-minded investors, particularly in the area of climate change, will bear greater results.

Engagement: Changing corporate behaviour

We are particularly focused on climate stewardship and have strengthened our policy to more effectively reflect our concerns around climate change issues.

AXA IM Real Asset – Industry participation

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets participates in several industry working groups.

AXA IM Real Assets - Vision 2030

We have set out a clear roadmap to have 75% of property assets recognised with international sustainability certifications. Find out how we are tracking our progress?

Green Bonds: The evolution moves east

Green bonds are gaining ever greater awareness and China is emerging as one of the largest issuers. What’s next for the asset class?

Client case study: Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation

The Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation outlines the investment thinking behind its decision to take on its first impact investing mandate.

Blazing a trail: ESG integration and big data

Incorporating ESG criteria across AXA IM Rosenberg’s strategies and how innovative use of data can help improve investment outcomes.

Impact investing: Case study - vaccines

We deep dive into the commercial and social success of a cholera vaccine and highlight that financial returns and positive impacts are not mutually exclusive.