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The equity universe (herein referred to as “universe”,“index”,or “traditional index”) shown throughout is based on a subset of the Rosenberg Equities Global Large Company investment universe as of December 2017. “Capitalization Rank” reflects each company’s weight in this universe.

“Quality” and “Volatility” rankings shown are based on proprietary Rosenberg Equities measures. “Volatility” considers the fluctuation of stock price over time,based on 5 years of monthly returns. This metric combines both the market risk and specific risk for each stock. “Quality” is an estimation of the likelihood that a company will deliver positive recurring earnings and sales growth in the coming year,based on a range of fundamental metrics,such as trailing long-term profitability.

“ESG Score” is a proprietary AXA Investment Managers metric that reflects a company’s performance across a range of environmental,social,and governance criteria. An ESG score may not be available for all of the stocks in the universe.

Where reference is made to a “Portfolio”,each plotted point represents a security in the AXA IM Sustainable Equity model portfolio as of the stated reference date(s). The model portfolio was selected in order to provide a faithful illustration of the base investment set-up of portfolios in this strategy. Please note that the model portfolio is not an actual investor portfolio. An investor’s experience may vary.

Where shown,the “Sharpe Ratio heat map” divides the index into a grid along “Volatility” and “Quality” dimensions and colors each segment of the grid according to its historically observed risk-adjusted return,on a scale from green (highest risk-adjusted return) to red (lowest risk-adjusted return). The risk-adjusted return data shows annualized return divided by annualized risk (a simplified Sharpe Ratio that does not account for the risk-free rate) for the period December 1989 to December 2017. The grid is formed through partitioning the index into three buckets (bottom 30%,middle 40%,and top 30%) by our proprietary “Volatility” and “Quality” metrics. The buckets are formed within each region of the global index each month during the period. Returns for the model portfolio are not shown or calculated herein,but please note that an investor’s actual return will be reduced by management fees and other expenses the investor may incur and that past performance is no guide to future performance.

No guarantee,warranty,or representation is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this material. Investors should understand that the information presented herein is always subject to change and all rights are reserved thereof. The results implied in this visualization should not be interpreted as an indication of portfolio characteristics in an actual portfolio within the Sustainable Equity strategy because (1) they do not factor in any material economic and market factors that might have an effect on the investment adviser’s decision making process if the adviser were actually managing client money; (2) they may not factor in any intervention (whether in a positive or negative manner) which may be made by investment teams that may be made with an actual portfolio over time; and (3) they may not include all material factors that may affect the construction of an actual portfolio in the strategy.

Any forward-looking information herein is subject to inherent limitations and is based upon assumptions that may not materialize,and may vary significantly from actual results.