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Dr. Ana Queiros
Sound Progress Podcast

Sea Change. Do our oceans and coastlines hold the key to combat climate change?

71% of the earth's surface is covered by water and of this, 96% is in our oceans. It's this natural capital that makes human life possible. But could our oceans also hold the key to fighting climate change? And how can we, as investors, protect against biodiversity loss by investing in both public and private markets?

Our host, Herschel Pant, speaks to Dr. Ana Queiros, Senior Benthic Ecologist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory and winner of the 2022 AXA IM Research Award, and Adam Gibbon, Natural Capital Lead at AXA IM Alts as well as Chris Iggo, Chair of the AXA IM Investment Institute and CIO of AXA IM Core.

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